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Looking for the right gift for the women in your life? this involves two key factors. First, you need to know what women like. Second, you need to know what your woman likes. She’s probably throwing out hints as we speak. If she has a journal, it's there. If she likes to text, it's there. It's on her facebook page, in her yahoo or google wave profile. It's among her many tweets if she twitters.

How can you use this infomation to find out what she likes. Look at her user profile. What is her favorite movie, book, qoute, etc.? Is there an item in the movie that may have special significance to her? Regarding her favorite book, is there a phrase in a book she tends to repeat? What magazines does she subscribe to? These may point you in the right direction. When she’s talking to her friends what products do they discuss most often? If she talks about a book, movie or product most likely she wants it.

Now you're arsenal of ideas is getting full. Let's add more to it. If she already has the product, get her the accessories to go with it. Consider getting her a gadget that will make using that gift all the more enjoyable. 

Now some of the basics. Most women love fragrances in the form of body baths, lotions and sprays. Exotic soaps may be her thing. Chocolates and flowers always do the trick. Jewelry in her taste and style is always the biggest hit of all. 

Is she a gadget person? Consider a KindleIpod, Ipad or Netbook
Is she the sporty type? Give her a jersey and cap or pendant with the logo of her favorite sports team. Give her an NFL gift card. 
Is she elegant? Charm her with a collection of Assorted Teas. Give her elegant jewelry or botanical fragrance gifts such as a  Spa Gift Basket or spa gift card
Does she like cuddly bears? Give her a Spa Honey Bear gift basket or a Build A Bear gift card
Does she like to bake? Why not a keepsake recipe memory book, baking gadgets and cookware
Does she love the movies. Get a Block Buster movie tickets gift basket or AMC gift card. 
Does she like literature and novels? Present her with a collection of these great reads on Kindle or Ipad, DVD or VHS.  
Does she love nature? Give her a DVD collection of the wonders of Planet Earth on blue ray.  
Does she like to knit? Surprise her with a Yarn Craft Kit
Does she like scapbooking? Present her with a Scrapbooking Software or kit. 
Does she like to garden? Give her a Gardener Gift Tote
Does she like to plan parties? Give her the Party Planner on CD or Family Reunion Planner Binder Folio and CD Kit complete with guides and personal online reunion planning interface by Fimark. 
Has she always wanted a career in event planning? Help her start her own business with a Family Reunion Planning and Genealogy Consultants Career Kit.
Does she like uploading photos and online journal of her special events?  Give her a special event website with all the works. 
Does she like to make jewelry? Get her a Bead Organizer or jewelry tool kit.

                 Best Gifts for Woman Questionnaire

Is she your woman?  Yes / No
If you answered "yes" the value of the gift is not an issue. If you answered "no" consider a gift she would consider modest.

Is she a young woman ages 21 -30.   Yes / No
Young women are very style and brand conscious. They prefer one brand or label over the other. They are familiar with t the latest fashions on the market. Today's young woman understands technology and everything digital. They use hand held computers, laptops, cams, cameras, cell phones, ipods, mp3 players and GPS devises. They like gadgets and accessories that relate to reading, photography, music and movies. They also like scrapbooking kits, craft tools and accesories.  

Is she an older woman ages 32-59?   Yes / No
If so she may be settled in terms of style, color, fabric, fragrance and so forth. Find out what her specific preferences are and most of all why.

Women ages 25-40 are into music, movies and books. Many like to cook and/or dine out. They may or may not be the dressy type. But they usually like getting comfy and cozy. Most love jewelry of some kind as well as intimate fashions and outerwear. Matching decor for the house or apartment is usually a pleaser.  Consider what merchandise they enjoy talking about among their circle of friends.  

Is she married?   Yes / No
If she is married to you consider what she talks about when with her relatives, colleagues and closest friends. What does she value in a gift? What does she stop and look at while window shopping? What articles or ads are she drawn to in the magazines she reads. If she is married to someone else ask her husband, mother or girlfriend.

Is she single?    Yes / No
Long-time single women know what they want. They are fun and playful, yet in many ways very practical.  Woman seasoned in years are self-assured and particular. They know what they want.  Today's single woman is usually fashion conscious. Most are a bit sentimental. They are very much into music, social entertainment, sports, technology and movies. 

Enter a keyword that best describes her interests.

Is she playful or reserved? ___________

Is she into digital technology, Hi Def, etc.? ___________

What is her favorite sport?______________  

Is she crafty? _____________

Does she like cookware? What Kind? _____________ _____________ _____________

Does she like bed and bath products? ____________________

What does she like to read?  __________________ ______________  _________________________

Is she a hands on type person. _________________ 

Is she an outdoors woman? ______________________

Does she like to garden? _______________________

Does she spend a lot of time watching TV or playing DVD's? _________________________________

Does she like to talk on the phone? ___________________________________________

Is she a baker of  sorts?  If so of what are her favorite recipes?________________ ____________________

Does she like cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes or other vehicles? ________________________________

Is she a hobby enthusiast, a craftswoman ?___________ 

What is her favorite color? ______________

What colors does she wear? _____________

What brand of merchandise does she prefer and why? _________________________________

Is it a question of affordability or quality?__________

Once you're able to answer these questions you're ready to pick out a gift that only she can appreciate at the Fimark Home Online Store.  Still not sure exactly what she wants? Have her setup a gift wishlist and you'll never have to worry about giving her the right gift on every occasion.

Take a look at gifts women like from $20 to $600 at the Fimark Home Online Store and get more great gift ideas for women

Mark Askew,
Fimark Home Online

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