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Communicating To Your Teen Just Got Easier

A girls life today is filled with issues and challenges. She often tries to wade through it with the help of her friends. These may offer her time, a listening ear and a lot of understanding. But you offer her wisdom, experience and the love she desparately needs even if she doesn't admit it. 

Continue to give her what is needed but vary your approach. Set the mood for your mother/daughter or Father/daughter talk. A gift along with an invitation to a date will  give her time to think about what she wants to say, how to say it and when. 

Your  talk might work best after the dinner is eaten and a warm cup of coffee, tea and desert is served. By this time they' re ready to relax and have a laugh. Use this time to open up yourself to her. Children like to know what makes their parent tick. Start telling funny stories about your life at her age. The wonderful moments and the issues and challenges you faced. Try to remember to communicate the fact that you were imperfect and at times felt awkward.

Don't expect her to open up all at once. Avoid looking shocked or defensive. Just listen. There will be time to respond in creative ways later.  Tell her you love her and are confidence she will make the right decisions everyone in her life can live with.

Now at the end of the day give her a card that will say what you really want to say in the most positive gentle loving way. Let her know you love her. Tell her how proud you are of her. Let her know you will always be there to help and guide her as best you can.

Gifts are a great way to break the ice. Girls love gift baskets filled with her favorite candies and fruit, teas, coffees or soaps and body lotions are a sure hit. A night out with their mother complete with dinner at her favorite place. 

Other gift ideas include gift certificates for a day of pampering at a local spa, or arrange for a makeover, manicure or pedicure. Scented aromatherapy candles or a fragrant gift pack. Give her an elegant but simple piece of jewelry: a silver bracelet, pendant or a stylish blouse pin.

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