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Best Gifts for Men

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Finding the best gift for a man depends on a variety of factors. Is he the sporty type, does he like new gadgets and electronics. Is he an old school type who likes preserving what he has. Is he a collector. Is he easy going or a does he want only the best of everything? Consider the following:

If he is a sports buff he's gotta love sports stuff like authentic sports team jerseys and sports gear
Is he an avid handy man tool-time type? With these power tools he'll be empowered to perform great feats of household fixing.
Is he into cars? Every car enthusiast has got to have the latest and greatest car maintenance kits and GPS gadget.
Is he a hunter? Get him the most wanted in fishing or game hunting gear.
Is he a gatherer? Then he probably loves to garden. He'll like these gardening tools.
Is he a computer geek. He'll geek out at the latest laptops, handhelds and netbooks fully loaded.
Is he a waterman who likes boating? Get him the best boating gear available.
Does he love to read books? Get him a library of books in hand with a Kindle, Ipad or Ipod. If he likes the feel of pages between his fingers get him hard and soft bound books here
Is he an artist. If so get him the best in art materials, supplies and tools.
Is he a wood, leather or metal craftsman? Get him the perfect tools to build with.
Does he love the movies. Get him a Block Buster movie tickets gift basket or AMC gift card. 
Does he love nature? Give him a DVD collection of the wonders of Planet Earth on blue ray.  
Does he like to plan parties? Give him the Party Planner on CD or Family Reunion Planner Binder Folio and CD Kit complete with guides and personal online reunion planning interface by Fimark. 
Has he always wanted a career in event planning? Help him start his own business with a Family Reunion Planning and Genealogy Consultants Career Kit.

Still need more ideas? Read this form and fill in the answers to the questions. You will quickly know just what kind of gift would be best for him.

Is he your man?  

If you answered "yes" the value of the gift is not an issue. If you answered "no" consider a gift he would consider modest.

Is he a young man ages 21 -30.   

Young men are brand oriented. They tend to keep up with the latest items on the market and are interested in trying new and improved merchandise or accessories to merchandise they already have. 

Is he an older man ages 32-59?   

If so he may have a sense of nostalgia and appreciate vintage, classic merchandise. 

Men ages 25-40 highly value the palm, pocket PC and PDA. A laptop with Hi-Def DVD state of the art sound system would certainly turn his head. He can take notes, draft a letter, keep score, download mp3's, listen to his favorite music and watch his favorite movies. 

Is he married?   

If he is married to you consider what he talks about when with his closest friends. What does he value in a gift? What does he stop and look at while window shopping? What articles is he drawn to in the magazines he reads. What does he collect? If he is married to someone else ask his wife.

Is he single? 

Single men tend to be a bit picky but not necessarily hard to please. Most have a fun and playful side.  Many are self-assured. Today's single man can be very fashion conscious. While some are sentimental others avoid sentiment and prefer practical things. Most are into music, sports, technology and movies.  They know what they like and talk about it most of the time. 

Enter a keyword that best describes him.

Is he playful or reserved? ___________

Is he into Hi-Def or digital technology? ___________

What is his favorite sport?______________  

Is he crafty? _____________

Is he sporty? What sports does he enjoy? ____________ _____________ ______________

Is he artsy? In what way?_____________________

Does he like gadgets or tools? What Kind? _____________ _____________ _____________

Does he like to fix things? ____________________

What does he like to read?  __________________ ______________  _________________________

Is he a hands on type person. _________________ 

Is he an outdoorsman? ______________________

Does he like to fish, go camping, garden? ________

Is he a take a hike or bike sort of guy? __________ 

Does he spend a lot of time watching TV or playing DVD's? _________________________________

Does he like to talk on his cell phone or is he the quiet, reserved type? ____________________________

Is he a collector of  sorts?  If so of what?________________ _________________

Does he like cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes or other vehicles? ________________________________

Is he a hobby enthusiast, a craftsman or a bit of a mechanic?________________ 

What is his favorite color? ______________

What colors does he wear? _____________

What brand of merchandise does he prefer and why? _________________________________

Is it a question of affordability or quality?__________

Once you're able to answer these questions you're ready to pick out a gift that only he can appreciate.  Still not sure? Just take a look at these Great Gift Ideas

Mark Askew,
Fimark Home Online

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