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How to say "I Love You" In A Greeting Card

There are many ways to say I love you. The key is to say it from the heart in words that mean something to you and your loved one.

1. You are the love of my life.

2. I love you more than you'll ever know.

3. You are the star in my night. I love you.

4. You color my life. That's why I love you.

5. You make me who I am. I love you so much for that.

6. I cannot stop wanting you around. I love you.

7. It's just you and me. -love you.

8. There's so much love in me for you.

9. I'm yours always.

10. Always know that you are my love.

Let Luvy Say It For You
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20 ways to Keep The Sparks Flying After The Honeymoon After The Honeymoon

You can say I love you without using the "L" word. Here are some great ideas.

1. You are my life.

2. My favorite place to be is with you.

3. Hereís to us!

4. You are my everything.

5. If you could read my thoughts right now youíd think I 
was mad. And you would be right. I'm mad for you.

6. You are the sunshine of my life. Just want to keep the window open.

7. Letís do whatever this is we're doing forever!

8. What would you like to do March 2032?

9. I just want to keep waking up to your face.

10. I donít have many words. Will a million kisses do?

11. Iím already rich. Iíve got you.

12. Turn out the lights, close the shade, light a candle. Here I come.

13. What would you like for breakfast Sunday Morning, Sept 9, 2029

Other ways to say I Love you are by sending a greeting card. The card does not have to say "I love you". But it should show how much you care. Perhaps a word tied to a sentiment he or she has expressed. Your card could express the depth and sweetness of your relationship. "You're So Sweet..." Greeting Cards 

"Hello darling I'm Luvy, the smiling sweet heart"
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