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What To Do With Old Greeting Cards


First of all donít throw them away. There are thoughts contained in each card that conjure up nostalgic memories like nothing else can. They are your memories, assurance and connection with the past. While many highly esteem rewards and awards, a card says so much more about the human condition in relation to others. Preserve the thoughts of others toward you and your loved ones. 

Greeting cards have a way of reminding you of things that make you who you are today. Use them to remember life fondly. 
Greeting cards are the most beautiful art form ever created. On them you have flowers, mosaics, colorful abstracts and more. The arts and craft ideas are endless.

Recycle the Card Face: Simply cut the face of the card and paste it on a blank card fold. Add you words on the inside. You have a new card to send to friends and family.

Scrapbook Art: Use parts of the greeting card face and hand written words on the inside cover to add color and meaning to your photo scrap book. 


Frame Art: Buy small cute frames that feature designs and colors that match the art and theme of a card you love. Matted frames work well too. You preserve the card and it's meaning.

Framed Collage Art: The words on the face of the old cards are full of meaning and nostalgia. If it meant a lot to you when you first picked it imagine what the words will mean now. 

Recyclable Thoughts: Using the words that appear on the front of an old card and write them on the inside page of a new greeting card. 

Inspiration: Have some Talent? Use an old card for inspiration while designing a hand made greeting card. 

Book Marks: Cut the card in 2 inch verticle strips, punch a hole in the bottom center. Tie a sash and use it as a book mark. 

Gift Box: Using a the greeting card face cut out the shape of a plus sign at 2.5 inch thickness with a 5 inch long stem. Fold each side up from the center to create your box. The long stem should be long enough to create the box side and fold over to form the box top lid.

Hand Fan: Using the entire card make a hand fan by simply cutting around the edge with a scrap book art scissors. To make the handle place pop sickle stick in the inside center leaving an outer stem and glue in place.

Post Card: Cut the artsy side of the card to post card size. Add your message to other side and place your stamp on the top right. 

Coaster: Cut the greeting card face in a circle, triangle or square using art scissors. Laminate the cut piece and add glue felt to the bottom.

Office Decoration: Line cards around your cubical, bulletin board, file cabinet or window. 

Baby Room Mobile: Using old baby shower greeting cards cut cards to a smaller size and tie to mobile frame. Hang from ceiling. Cut out alphabets spelling the child's name or initials. Hang from mobile frame.

Photo Frame/Matting: Cut out a rectangle in center of greeting card to fit photos. Tape photo inside frame/matting. 

DVD Cover: Cut front face of card to fit DVD cover. Ad text to Card and insert card in DVD cover slip.

Paper Fold Art: 
Make Paper Bells, Paper Balls, Paper Flowers, Paper Stars, 

Flash Cards: Use the images on the card face for flash cards. Print the text on labels and stick under the image. 

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