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How To Share Your Deepest Thoughts

Our thoughts are easily overlooked, misrepresented and misunderstood. Why? Because all too often we fail to share them with those who mean the most to us. We assume they already know or sence what we feel inside. 

Itís important to realize they are not in our mind, they are on it.  And so more often than not they will miss the depth of our feelings for them.  Our loved ones may know intellectually that you care about their well-being.  But do they know how deeply you love them? How can we best show them how we really feel about them?

The key is learning to communicate feelings. Don't just say I care.  Even just saying you I know I love you can be seem obligatory and dutiful.  Telling them in creative ways that they are the most important person life can make all the difference. If you find it hard to get the words out write it down and leave it on their pillow, in their lunch bag or on the car seat. Finding it when and where least expected will make your shared thoughts all the more meaningful and special.

Many times we just can not think of the words we wish to say, yet the feeling is strong. Thatís where greeting cards come in. A greeting card is a practical yet loving way to say it in a way they are sure to understand. What would you like to say? You may find it in a card. 

After printing out an online card copy and paste one or two of the lines below.

My love for you is stronger than words.

You are everything to me. 

Thanks for being you. Never change.

I know I can be a real piece of work. So glad I have someone I can count on in this crazy world.

You really do complete me.

You are my home. 

I'll never find another you. 

I want to hold you forever

The one thing that lasts is love.  We have that.

Can't shake this thing I have for you. It's so real and so right.

I just wanted to make sure you had everything.  So that the only thing you would need is me.  I sure do need you.

Let's grow old together.

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