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What To Say In A Greeting Card

Greeting cards often come with thoughtfully contrived words that fit what you would say if you were a talented writer, poet or novelist. But most of us are none of these. And this often leaves us speechless not to mention wordless when trying to fill up the empty space inside a greeting card.

Figuring out what to say in a greeting card begins with defining the occasion.  Consider the significance of the moment you are sharing with your recipient.  What special significance do you both share apart from anyone else?  What fond memories make this day special to both of you? 

It's important that the wording in the card not be overly thought out.
Let the words and emotion flow as if you were having a conversation on the phone. Say what you would when visiting with them. What are your thoughts when you both come together, hold hands, embrace or exchange affection in some other way? 

 Usually the card you pick says much of what you want to convey on the cover. Now think of putting it in your own words with just a minor variation. Perhaps a term, metaphor or cliché you often use in general conversation. There is no need to come up with something magnanimous or of great wit. Just be yourself. After all your thoughts are what your recipient enjoys to hear. 

Most important, use that pet name that gets a smile or quote something he or she said and share the sentiment. Only a sentence or a few words is needed. It’s your thoughtfulness and written signature that will move him or her to say thank you for thinking about me! 

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